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NABCJ-OK sponsors several events throughout the year to promote networking among our membership, continuing education, recognition of exemplary service, and generally support, encourage and commend our members. 


The Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial is designed to honor and preserve the memories of fallen correctional employees in Oklahoma. The "Wings of Love Hawk" is a tribute to the men and women who have given their lives in service to the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. 


Ann Tandy, Board President of the Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial Fund commissioned Lester Leroy young to create a symbol that would be unique to the Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial. 


Psalm 57:1  "In the shadow of Thy wings will I make my refuge."  The Wings of Love is a symbol of what it means to be commited to a higher purpose and part of a community that is willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. The namesof those who have given their lives are listed in gold on the Wings of Love Hawk. 


Sacrifices these fallen correcitonal employees made while serving and protecting the citizens of this great state wer enmot in vain and are deserving of this lasting tribute. 


The Wings of Love Hawk is handicraft of the finest ceramic clay, kiln-fired, hand painted and triple-glazed in the Department of Corrections colors of green and gold. 


The names of the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, members of the Oklahoma Board of Correction and the Oklahoma Correctional Memorial Fund Leader are a part of this tribute to give it the distinction of being a one-of-a-kind recognition. 


  - Ted Logan, Chair, Oklahoma Board of Corrections 

  - Justin Jones, Director, Oklahoma Board of Corrections 

  - Ann Tandy, President, Oklahoma Correctional Employee

    Memorial Foundation 





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