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The Blackhawk Award 



The “Black Hawk” tradition was started in September; 1996 and is part of the leadership and commitment to the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ).  This organization is part of the national struggle for justice for all people of every color and race.  


The Oklahoma Chapter of the NABCJ has commissioned the Black Hawk as a unique way of paying tribute to individuals that contribute to the success of the organization.


NABCJ leaders have constantly looked for methods to recognize others that have taken up the torch of fairness and equality.   The “Black Hawk” is presented to those that give of themselves and work to help the organization assist the less privileged.  Lester Leroy Young was commissioned during his tenure as warden at the John H. Lilly Correctional Center to create a symbol that would be unique to the Oklahoma Chapter of NABCJ.  The “Black Hawk” is one of our most cherished symbols of what it means to be committed to a higher purpose and part of a community of individuals that is concerned about the plight of all people.


Each Black Hawk is hand crafted from premium ceramic clay. Black Hawks are Kiln fired, hand painted in the NABCJ colors and has a high gloss tripled glazed finish.  Black Hawk creator and artist Lester Leroy Young numbers and signs each peace for the Oklahoma NABCJ Chapter and provides a certificate and name for each “Black Hawk”. The NABCJ Criminal Justice series recognizes those special individuals for their contribution to the success of the organization:

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Rev. Norman Barber

Rev. Annette Barber

2014 recipients of the


Blackhawk Award

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